It isn’t just homeowners that benefit from having movers come in and pack everything up. Businesses can also take advantage of professional services to make their transition simple.

Desks, computers, and equipment can all be handled by movers. They really are in charge of the heavy lifting. Preparing the office, as well as the staff can guarantee an easy move. Not preparing could result in anxiety, as well as added expenses for the extra time required. Get ready with clear requests and remember that the major parts of the move should be handled by the professionals.

Be Prepared

If movers walk into an office with papers everywhere and desks filled with pens and pencils, packing will take forever. It wastes time and makes the move inefficient. A week before the professionals are set to come in, ask everyone to get their workspace ready. Personal items should be transported by the employees themselves. This means frames, paperweights and even awards that have sentimental value.

The movers come into the office with the intention of loading up the furniture and taking it to the new location. Files and paperwork should be packed up by employees in advance. These boxes can quickly be added to the truck without fear of losing anything.

Make Requests Clear

Are the movers setting up the furniture in the new location? Create some type of picture or description to help communicate where things need to be. Directions should be clear and obvious. It saves time to move everything into the new offices one time and immediately set them up in the new configuration.

If special instructions are required, write them down. Post a note onto the item itself or create a list that will help the movers know exactly what you need. If you aren’t sure whether the directions are clear, let someone else in the office read them. You will know right away if you need to make any adjustments.

Don’t Micromanage

The temptation to micromanage will be there. You manage all day long at work and now new people are in the office. As they pack and move the furniture to the truck, try to stay out of the way. Consider working on something completely different to keep you from being in the middle of everything. If something is unclear a supervisor will track you down.

This is the reason professionals were hired to handle the task. Their experience with commercial moves comes in handy. They’ve loaded the truck plenty of times before and they know just how to make everything fit. Get out of the way and let them do their job.

If you see a commercial move in your future, it is never too early to prepare. Shop around of moving companies that will take on the responsibility. Think about how things will be set up at the new location. Remember that managing from the beginning will make it easier to hand things over to the professionals on the day of the move.